Plano Pipeline Bomber Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

Plano Pipeline Bomber Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

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On June 2012, A Texas by the name of Anson Chi attempted to blow up a natural gas main in Plano. Chi described himself as a political activist with abhorrence to federal income taxes and an affinity with the sovereign citizen movement. On June 2013, Chi pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to destroy a natural gas pipeline used in interstate commerce and possession of an explosive device.

As of December 12, 2013, Chi is attempting to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Texas. It goes to show you that even in the worse of circumstances, the federal reach of bankruptcy can even help those who are in need of debt relief that are incarcerated.

Bankruptcy protection extends to all who need it and qualify according to the bankruptcy code. Whether you have credit card debt, medical bills, payday loans, previous income tax debt, unpaid mortgage payments, or any other type of debt and you are struggling day-to-day with it, it could be time to turn to the federally-backed power of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal and effective way to deal with overwhelming debt.

However, those who attempt to file bankruptcy on their own will most likely be dismissed over 75% of the time when they file bankruptcy without an attorney. In addition, people often time waste more time with the courts and overspend on their bankruptcy case. Here at the Law Offices of Bonnie L. Johnson, we are dedicated to providing bankruptcy information as well as bankruptcy relief to those who need it. If you or a loved one is struggling day-to-day with debt, call us now at 214.748.4848 or e-mail us at to schedule your FREE consultation to see what we can do to help you.

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